Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just 'cause she's cute!

Just wanted you all to meet my little quilting buddy!  This is Fudgie, one of a pair of guinea pigs that live right next to my "office".  Yes... these would be the guinea piggies that get hay all over my books.  Fudgie squeaks and talks to me while I work.  She loves to snuff my hands and can smell a carrot from 40 feet away.  Piglet, the other guinea pig, is a shy gentleman.  When the camera comes out, he turns away and we get butt photos.  He seems happy to let Fudgie do the squeaking for both of them!

Sooooo... have I been working since we got home from Maine?  Nope.  Not much!  I'm spending the lion's share of my days carting kiddos around to work and friends houses!  Oh... and trying to keep up with the mess that seems to accompany kids home for the summer.  Did I mention that I LOVE SUMMER???

Have a happy day!


Barb said...

When I was young I always wanted a guinea cute.

I saw one of your bags on Robins blog and yes, it did turn out awesome....

Micki said...

He is adorable...a nice quilting buddy!