Monday, August 23, 2010

Posies and sewing and stuff...

Just a quick photo of our happy, summer table!  This photo makes me grin!  Our front porch is my very favorite room of the house!  We spend happy hours visiting with friends and family, eating dinners, playing board games, and reading out here!  Dontcha love the goofy sunflower???  It showed up on our porch sometime during the day on my birthday!  No note, just a silly antenae topper in the pot.  (One of my buddies and I swap car decorations regularly.  She knew it would make me laugh!)  And do you see the little tomatoes?  We are gathering about 20 of those little guys each day now!  And the bigger tomatoes are beginning to turn red, too!
This was a fun surprise!  My aunt gave us this plant last year.  My grandfather started the original plant!  So when my aunt moved, she gave (cuttings?) to any nieces/nephews who were interested in growing one.  I am... ummmm... not a gardener.  This bush looked pretty sad this spring & we thought perhaps I managed to kill it over the winter.  Well... ok... we were *sure* I managed to kill it.  But it revived!  Now we have this gorgeous flower... and about a dozen more buds to follow!

Ok... y'all don't follow this blog for posies.  Really... I have been sewing again!  Honest!
Yesterday it poured all day.  What a wonderful excuse to prod the sewing machine back into action!  Kiddo #2 and her buddy worked on their "Sassy Bag" purses (pattern by Lazy Girl Designs) the other day.  Kiddo 2 was *almost* finished.  And she was out camping with Kiddo 1 and a bunch of their friends.  So I popped the last pieces together.  Scratch one project off the list!
Then I worked on Kiddo #3's back-to-school backpack.  That would be otherwise known as the fourth  "Kick-butt-awesome-backpack."  (We just make these bags up.  They are a larger version of the little packs shown earlier this spring.  Soooo... no pattern available... yet!)
Kiddo 3 was thrilled and walked around for an hour or so with her new pack on her back!  She loved looking in the mirror and checking out her new big-girl look!

Then I worked on lunch sacks requested by a neighbor for back-to-school.  Those are 3/4 finished, so no photos yet.  And they are another "no-pattern-available-yet" item....  Hmmm... sounds like I need to stop sewing for a little while and start writing...

Have a happy day!


Karen M said...

Is the flower a Rose of Sharon? If it is, they are usually very late to green up in the spring. It's not unsusal for people to think they are dead, and pull them out, when all they needed was more time.

Love that backpak, btw!

Barb said...

Wow, you have been busy....I just love those bags...must get one done...I keep saying that...I know you think I am a slacker!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Love the sunflower. Looking at them just makes me happy for some reason :)

I like this backpack too. Nice fun fabrics. Sewing is much more fun than pattern writing.