Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brink of Sanity

Honest, I haven't charged over the brink of sanity and dropped off the face of New Hampshire yet :o) Although the end of the school year gives me a running start, should I decide to take leave of my senses.... Our days have been a flurry of field trips, paperwork, end-of-year celebrations, and getting ready for 8th grade graduation for kiddo #2. Whew! Sewing has definitely taken a back seat lately. Perhaps I should buckle the sewing machine into the seat in case I veer perilously close to that sanity brink?

With kiddos home for the summer beginning TOMORROW, I did take some time last week to get *organized*. Fabric is safely tucked into the drawers of that new ironing board/stackable drawers arrangement. (Ugh! You don't even want to know how long I spent ironing, folding, and attempting some semblance of order...) I also waded through stacks and piles of books, papers, magazines, kids toys, etc., to unearth my "office" space. Added a couple of book shelves and a magazine rack (with a liner to match the new ironing board!). And, gee... how many months did this little brainstorm take??? I finally moved the guinea pig hay to the *other* side of their cage. Ummm... six months of hay falling all over my quilting books and office space. Can we say I must be a bit befuddled to let it continue for so long when it took five minutes to swap the water bottles and hay feeder??? (Guinea pigs and aforementioned hay are just to the left of the "office" picture...)

Sewing has been mostly personal this week... teacher gifts! Our extra-special kiddo has two wonderful friends that work with her every day at school. These women are fantastic!!! Always happy, patient, and enthusiastic! They go to all kiddo's concerts and events so that she can participate. They have admired kiddo's lunch sacks... it was fun to make and stuff special bags for them! And I have finally jotted down the pattern in two sizes. So, I guess I have sqeezed in a bit of book-proposal work. With a little tweaking, it will be ready to add to the pile of proposal....

Well... gotta run to pick up our 8th grader and bring her to lunch! Happy sewing! And STAY TUNED!!! I'm planning my first give-away in a few days :o)

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Brenda said...

I love the bag. What a cute idea. Love it. i am a new follower.