Monday, March 8, 2010

White borders...

Hmmmm... these white borders look like a magnet for spaghettii sauce. I hesitate even to lay it on the table at our house. Colorful foods are lurking, just waiting to spill! I'll be quilting and binding this quickly... before "navy and white" becomes "navy and white with burgundy spots!" :o)

This is such a pretty pattern! The crisp lines and precise points. All those ITTY-BITTY-TEENY-TINY-MINUSCULE pieces of fabric. Guess who the genius is who chose a pattern with 84 (EIGHTY-FOUR!!!!!) pieces of fabric in every 12" square?!? In my defense, the pattern *did* come from a book called WEEKEND Scrap Quilting and strongly suggested (dare I say, promised???) 20 hours to a finished top :o) I exceeded that a WEE little bit.... Oh! The book is edited by Jeanne Stauffer and Sandra L. Hatch. But the actual pattern is by Pat Campbell. As nutty as those tiny patches of fabric made me, the finished runner is gorgeous!

Well... my sister caught up on her blog reading before I got this in the mail. Darn! But don't worry! I tend to collect fun tidbits for a couple of years with good intentions of sending them out imminently. Gotta love those post office priority boxes that you can stuff full for a flat rate! There will still be plenty of surprises in her box :o)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful job you did. I would have been seeing double trying to do pieces that tiny.

I wouldn't put on my dining table either!!! LOL


Lucie said...

Lovely! But Jilly is right. The wall would be safer, and besides the runner wouldn't be covered up by plates, let alone spaghetti sauce!