Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Hmmmm... I've been waiting to feel inspired to write again. Waiting for some humorous or witty incident to tickle my funny bone. But I think I wore out every scrap of creativity finishing that proposal. I feel a little flat and dull. A very strange feeling for me... I'm usually trying to shut off the creativity for a bit so that I don't wander away from the stove and burn supper. Or gather half the laundry and forget to start any of it. I used to grumble at God for making me so darned creative... why couldn't I enjoy cleaning or cooking or bill-paying instead? Something useful.

Funny thing about grumbling at God, though. He didn't concede to my wishes and make me a practical, methodical person. I'm stuck with a pretty hefty dose of nuttiness! And I've learned to enjoy the kooky, creative world I live in. Dinner does get cooked. We use the smoke detector for a timer.... I'm perpetually behind on the laundry, but the kids manage to get dressed every day. And my girls joke that I am actually younger than them. Acording to my oldest daughter, "if mom's inner child were out on the street, people would be searching frantically for the parents."

Now, after a week of *not* feeling creative, I am tremendously glad for the scatter-brained, creative, nutty, very happy personality that I was given!

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Hello Katie, I had a laugh when I read this, sounds like me. Love your site.